Jan 5, 2011

Dear BL (Part 1)

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I am writing this letter in a of good physical and mental condition. This letter is dedicated  for all BL all over the world, especially in Indonesia. But before you continue to read this letter, I wanna say sorry for my English if there is any incorrect and please forgive me if I have mistake to you.

Okay, here we go.

First of all, for those who don’t understand, BL means Badminton Lover. BL is a kind of nickname for those who love badminton. BL formed on May 2008, when the Thomas & Uber Cup (TUC) was held in Jakarta. I do not know exactly who was the founder, but I’m 100% believe that the Indonesians are the founder of BL. At that time, the Indonesia badminton fans were drunk in the euphoria of TUC 2008 as the Indonesia Uber Cup team  unexpectedly  went to the final round. But unfortunately they  had to admit the mighty  team of China  and lost  0-3, so Indonesia Uber Cup team was in the second position. While the Thomas Cup team of Indonesia only grabbed the third position after lost from Korea. And that was the time when many BL started to ‘appear’.

I’ve been become a BL for more than 2 years. I was an eight grader when I became a BL. And I may say myself as the senior one. I may also say I was well-known enough. My ‘career’ in the BL world started when most of the people still used friendster.com. I met a lot of friends with similar ‘occupation’ there. My idols at that time were the WD pair, Vita Marissa/Liliyana Natsir. Their performances in the Uber Cup were super amazing! Because of the badminton virus, so I decided to create a blog that consist of badminton news. It is called Badminton Page. Badminton Page was famous enough too. Although I did only use the articles from some badminton portals. And I know it was wrong. But… Not long after that, there was a new social networking site called facebook. I met a lot of BL at there too. Then I created a facebook group for BL, and I think my group is the first and the oldest BL group on facebook. The group now has 3.071 members. 
And because of facebook I met some important badminton people such as the founder of Badzine.net (the world’s number one badminton webzine), the founder of Bulutangkis.com (Indonesia’s number one badminton portal) some badminton athletes, and much more. I was an active facebook user. I usually updated the world badminton rankings and put it on facebook as a note. And you know what? The founder of Bulutangkis.com saw it and he asked me to become a contributor of his portal. My God, it was hard to believe that. Have I mention that I want to be an international badminton reporter/journalist? That was my first step to reach my dream. :) Another similar story was when I send the 2009 Sudirman Cup’s full line ups, for teams, groups, and players to the founder of Badzine.net. And he posted it on the website! Unbelievable! It was just like dream came true. :’)

As years changed, I turned become a ninth grader. And I had new badminton idols. They are Markis Kido/Hendra Setiawan (KiNdra). I became their fan after I watch their wonderful performance on 2008 Beijing Olympic games. They successfully grabbed the gold medal. Then Ka Winda (a BL too, she likes KiNdra but she loves Lee Yong Dae from Korea and I love her!) asked me to help her as an admin on the KiNdra Fan Site that she made. And I agreed. But unfortunately KiNdra Fan Site wasn’t that famous like Badminton page. :(

And here is the important date in my life that changes my badminton career (not as a player but as a BL). On October 21st, 2009 I announced to the BL world that I must disappear for awhile, especially I will stop blogging on Badminton Page. Because I had to focus on my school and the examinations. I promised to back after the examinations finish. Since that day I was slowly disappear from badminton world and focusing myself on study. But before I really disappear, on November 2009 there was a new badminton website special for BL. It was BadmintonLovers.com. And I joined as one of the admin there. There are some of my articles that published on BadmintonLovers.com. But unfortunately the website is now down already. Here is one of my article that published on BadmintonLovers.com but I also saved it on my facebook note.

2010 arrived. After all of my examinations finished and I finally graduated from middle school. I broke my promise that I didn’t continue to blog on Badminton Page. I mean, that time was summer holiday. And I was on vacation too. Oh yeah, I spent my summer holiday at Jakarta and Bali. I watched the 2010 Indonesia Open Super Series live in Istora Senayan, Jakarta! That was really the first time I watched that such a big badminton tournament in my whole life. I met some badminton players too. I was superb happy! :D Oh yeah, about my promise it is still continue that I didn’t update the blog anymore until now.

After all the graduation and the unforgettable holiday, I became the high school student. I am now school at Siwalima High School, the number one high school in Maluku province. Yes, I’m proud of that. But it’s a boarding school and I’ve been become a dorm girl for more than 6 months. For more than 6 months I am far from the badminton world, the world where I used to be. And that means I will no longer be known or even forgotten by the other BL. I honestly do not ask for a popularity, but I really miss those times when I didn’t far from the badminton world. I don’t blame anyone here. I don’t blame myself to choose to school in the boarding school. I don’t blame those who don’t know me as a BL. No. I really understand the situation. But sometimes I feel sad when I see there is so much successful BL now. They updated the news, they are known, just like who I was two years ago. Oh, how can I explain it. I mean I can do what they do and become a more successful one than them. I don’t upset, maybe I’m just envy. Do you remember the fifth sentence (if I’m not mistaken) on the paragraph 4? 

I really want to be an international badminton reporter/journalist.

Why? Because I love it. I love it to death. Can you understand what I’m just saying? :(
Sometimes, I almost cry to read Ka Winda’s twitter status on November 14th, 2009: 

Don’t BL missed @fildzah105? I missed her so much … Feels something missin in my badminton world :)

Don’t you guys missed me? Or at least do you guys till remember me? I am Fildzah Adhania. A Badminton Lover. A creator of Badminton Lovers (BL) Group on facebook. A man behind Badminton Page. An Admin of KiNdra Fansite and BadmintonLovers.com. Ever became a contributor to Badzine.net and Bulutangkis.com. Have you remember? Have you?

Since the day when I disappear, I really do not leave the badminton world at all. Oh, I will never ever do that. I still keep myself up-to-date. Sometimes I post some badminton things here, you can access it by clicking http://fildzah105.tumblr.com/tagged/badminton/. I also didn’t forget to watch some badminton matches like the 2010 TUC, Asian Games and some others. I even still remember #WasitGoblok was on twitter’s trending tropic. LOL! :D

I know most of Indonesians lately got the football fever (include me!) as the Indonesia national team played very well in the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup. But I believe as a BL we still placed badminton as our number one sport, right? Haha, I knew it. We also must admit that Indonesia is a badminton country who love football. And please note that, I didn’t mean to turn myself away from badminton, I swear!

To end this letter, I just wanna say:

I’m proud and happy to know badminton in my life. It was great for being a big fan of badminton! :)

Message to all BL: 
Cuma BL yang ngerti BL!
Right? ;) So keep loving badminton. Keep support the athletes. Keep sportive. Keep stand up for The Red-White (if you’re Indonesian). Let’s keep up the good works guys! And for those who don’t know me yet, let me know:

Haha ;P

I miss my badminton world and you - yes, you, my Badminton Lovers, A LOT!

Uhmmm. I think that’s all.

I love you, BL. I love you to pieces.

Sincerely yours,
Fildzah Adhania.

Oct 21, 2009

So Sorry..

Due my examinations, I will not blogging for several months. I have to focus on my school and the examinations. I'll be back again after all of my examinations are finish, I don't know exactly when, maybe it's would be on May or June 2010.

But if you want to stay up to date with the badminton news, go check these sites:

So, I hope you guys understand.

Kindest regards,